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Longtime resident Bob Frazini originally from Ohio played in the Italian Baseball Major League and National All-Star Team.

Since 1998 Bob's Limos offers Transfers, Tours and Shore Excursions in Rome, Naples, Florence and the Amalfi Coast. Customized Highlight Tours of each area with experienced English speaking drivers and guides that are local experts in each area.

Bob's will optimize your limited time offering private and/or shared tours from the various ports in Italy with great rates.

Bob's has now created this new website to add more services for his vast clientele with Shared Shore Excursions from the various ports of Italy and in the city of Rome.

With our shared tours you can travel with your family and friends, make new ones that are on your ship and save a bundle of money. These economy shared tours are identical to the private tours without the expensive cost.


This website will allow our clients to book Shore Excursions in Italy. You can start a new group or join a group that has already been created by another client. If you prefer a private shore excursion instead, simply click on this link: PRIVATE SHORE EXCURSIONS .


When making your booking just click on the date, the port and indicate how many guests in your party. Once you have completed and forwarded your request you will receive an automatic confirmation voucher that will allow others to join your group.


If you prefer joining a group that has already been formed simply search our website for your cruise ship and the date in the port of call that interests you, then you can select and join the shore tour of your choice.

The group creator will receive a 25 Euros discount on each shore excursion he/she books from any port.

- Once you have formed or joined a group, your personal information (name, phone and e-mail address) will be shared with the other members of the group. At this point, your group will be advertised on our website and you will be able to find new participants willing to join.  The larger the group the less each person will pay.

- Every time a guest joins or drops out of the group, all the other participants will automatically receive a new voucher with the new guest's details and the number of people in the group and the new price per person.

- For your travelling comfort for tours that have a long drive, we suggest (optional) booking for a maximum of 6 people per Multi Van.

- If you need or would like more information regarding a specific group you can contact the group leader that can give you all the necessary information you may possibly need.

- The itineraries of the tours cannot be changed as they are shared with others. These are shared shore tours and will be conducted as written on our website unless the entire group agrees.

- Always follow your driver/guide's instructions regarding pick up times and locations to avoid complaints by your travelling companions.

- Our drivers are all local English speaking driving guides experts in their area and will guarantee a wonderful shore excursion from all our ports.

- Want to create a group?  want more information?

Would you like to take a tour that you don't see on the list? Let us know!

Send an e-mail with your name and number, we'll give you a call!

Let Bob's Limos & Tours make your day!!


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